Important Note: The CRM Product Group has published a blog titled "Q2 2012 Service Update – New delivery schedule" which clarifies the release plans for upcoming Update Rollups and Quarterly Service Updates in calendar year 2012.  Also, Reuben has since marked this video as private as the release schedule and scope have changed.

In this video Reuben Krippner covers important information around the new capabilities and features of “CRM Everywhere”. This content is great for business decision makers, CRM administrators, & developers to better understand how this update can be leveraged to improve your users experience.

Here is a breakdown of the video by topic:

  • Intro 
  • Mobility Enhancements (1:36)
  • Demo: Use of the IPad mobility client** (4:20)
  • Demo: Configuring mobile devices and experiences** (10:27)
  • Accessing CRM data via other browsers (14:33)
  • Activity feed enhancements (18:30)
  • SQL 2012 features and the BI labs* (20:59)
  • Demo: PowerView Reports (24:13)
  • Optimized record viewing in CRM “RapidView” (32:46)
  • New Online Data Certifications (35:10)
  • Availability of Industry Template Solutions* (38:49)
  • Closing (40:34)


*Note: Dynamics CRM Lab solutions are not core Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality and are not supported by Microsoft but there is a global community facilitated by the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace which allows you to discuss and exchange ideas and questions.

**Note: The Dynamics CRM Q2-2012 update will offer a cloud based mobility solution for various devices.  This solution will be available to on premise customers, however, the solution requires the use and configuration of CRM’s Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) and Claims Based Authentication.