When configuring the CRM Online  2011 Outlook client, many customers choose to have their end users configure manually, and I’ve had a few customers ask me if it’s possible to configure the CRM Outlook client with their CRM Online organization silently.  While it’s not necessarily an easy process, it is technically possible to silently configure the CRM Outlook client.  The steps that you’d need to follow to complete this process are as follows (steps specific to Windows 7):

  1. Verify that the Windows Live Sign-in Manager  is installed (this should be installed when the CRM Outlook client is installed)
  2. Verify that your Windows Live ID (WLID) that you use to connect to your CRM Online organization is listed in the Link online IDs with your Windows user account section:
    • Start – Credential Manager
    • Select Link online IDs in the lower left-hand corner


      • Windows Live Online Provider should be listed


    • Click WindowsLiveID and then click Link Online ID  
      • The Windows Live Sign-in Assistant will launch


    • Have the user enter their credentials and sign into Windows Live
  3. Add the following entry to the Generic Credentials section of the Credential Manager.  This information is needed so that the configuration process knows which WLID credentials to use:
    • Internet site:
      • OSDP: Microsoft_CRM_https://disco.crm.dynamics.com/
      • CTP: Microsoft_CRM_https://dev.crm.dynamics.com/
    • Note: The site must be entered exactly as shown above (with the trailing /)
    • Supply the user’s WLID credential
      • Windows Live ID = username
      • Password = password
  4. Update the config file (ex. config_client.xml)with DiscoveryServiceUrl = CRMOnline:

    <Organization IsPrimary='true'>OrganizationUniqueName</Organization>

    Note: The OrgnizationUniqueName value must be populated with your CRM Online organization. OrganizationUniqueName is case-sensitive.  You can get your Organization Unique Name at: Settings – Customizations – Developer Resources.  An example would be crmNAorg2jas2.

  5. Run the config wizard from the command prompt:
    • Ex. microsoft.crm.application.outlook.configwizard.exe /q /i "c:\SilentInstall\config_client.xml" /l "c:\SilentInstall\clientinstall.log"
      • /q = silent install
      • /i = config file location
      • /l = config log location
  6. When the log file states that the following, you can launch Outlook and begin using your CRM Outlook client: We have successfully configured Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook. You are now ready to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook with Microsoft:
    • The user may be prompted to enter their WLID credentials when opening Outlook.

Another option to consider when configuring the CRM Outlook client is to use the /QR command.  The /QR command configures the application in a reduced UI mode.  This option requires a configuration file in XML format specified by the config parameter.  When configuring a CRM Outlook client to an on-premise org, this option acts similar to the /Q parameter, but displays installation progress bars and all error messages.  When the /QR command is used to configure to a CRM Online org, the user will be prompted with the following configuration screen in order to provide their WLID credentials:


The next step would be for the user to select the Test Connection button and fill in their WLID credentials:


The user would then select their correct organization (if they are members of multiple CRM Online organizations).  They’ll also be able to give their organization a Display Name before selecting OK.