As many of us know, one of the new features of CRM 2011 is auditing functionality out of the box.  As part of this auditing functionality, CRM 2011 will automatically create a partition in SQL specifically for the auditing data.  The partition is beneficial from management and performance aspects.  However, the partition will only be created if using SQL Enterprise version as partitioning is not available in Standard.    This could cause an issue in some environments where Dev, Test, or QA environments are built with SQL Standard and the production environment is using Enterprise.  If you try to restore your production database to an environment with SQL Standard, you will get an error because it contains a partition.  A KB article has been published that includes steps to remove the partition prior to restoring to a SQL Standard environment.  Auditing will still work with SQL Standard even though there is no SQL partition.  However the ability to delete an entire partition of audit history is not available.  The KB article for steps and further information is below: