I am cross posting this blog post from our AX In the Field blog post where Rod Hanson recommends using Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics (DynamicsPerf) in development, test or QA environments while load testing prior to moving to production.  This makes a lot of sense and is something I have done with a few of my customers.  Many times customers do not allow time for this testing in their timelines and then later run into performance issues that could have been found and resolved proactively prior to the production release.

Rod also has links to his other DynamicsPerf posts covering Core Installation, Baselines and Documenting at the bottom of this blog post I am cross posting.

If you or your team would like assistance with installing, reviewing or even want a full onsite Hands On Lab, please reach out to your Designated Support Engineer (DSE) or Technical Account Manager (TAM).

Shawn Dieken

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