Last month I found a bug in my JavaScript conversion tool, CRM Migration Assistant.  Since part of that code base originated with my CRM 4.0 Export JavaScript utility, I had to back-port the change.

So here's what happened:

You probably know that CRM has three JavaScript events: OnLoad, OnSave, and OnChange, that can be customized with your own JavaScript.

What you may NOT have known, was that in certain instances, CRM has it own versions of those events.

The bug in the Export process was caused by me selecting the first instance for a specific event from entity.  In some cases, that first event was "internal."  I had a secondary check to only export user-created events which means that for certain cases, the utility totally skipped the OnLoad and OnSave events for some entities.

That has been corrected in this release ( 1.5.3 ).

You may find it on my free utilities page: