Version 1.7 of the Dynamics CRM documentation tool, SnapShot! has been released.

Visit the product information page for details and to download a sample report.

Change in this version include:

JScript Library Usage Report

This report shows what libraries are referenced by which forms:



JScript Function Reference Report

The Function Reference report has been modified to include additional information including:

  • Entity Name
  • Form Name
  • Field Name
  • Event Name
  • Enabled
  • Library Name
  • Function Name
  • Pass Execution Context
  • Parameters


Forms Report

Additional form details are now included:

  • Entity 
  • Form Name   
  • Form Type   
  • Description   
  • Order   
  • Is Fallback Form   
  • Security Roles


Drop me an email if you have questions, comments, or suggestions for enhancements

mitch at crmaccelerators dot net