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  • Blog Post: Optimizing Performance for CRM Online 2011

    CRM 2011 Online was released January 17 th , 2011. The new release delivers a number of new features and has changed the way much of the application data is displayed. In some cases, the new user interface customization capabilities can lead to an increase in the time it takes to load screens while the...
  • Blog Post: Importing Data from to Microsoft CRM Online - Part 1

    I am cross posting this blog from the CRM blog site as it is specific to CRM Online. -eBoo I am hoping you are already following the series of blogs describing on how to use the new Import Data Wizard in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Update...( read more )
  • Blog Post: How to Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online E-mail Router with Exchange Online.

    Microsoft has released the November 2009 update for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online E-mail Router which includes the support for Microsoft Exchange Online. This blog covers step by step instructions to setup the Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router...( read more )
  • Blog Post: CRM Online E-mail Router and Exchange Online

    The CRM Online E-mail Router was recently updated to support Exchange Online connectivity. In this post I will document how to configure the CRM Online E-mail Router to work with Exchange Online. For more detailed information download the document titled...( read more )
  • Blog Post: CRM Online Email Router updated to support Exchange Online

    Microsoft has recently (11/17) released an update to the CRM Online Email Router .  This update adds support for connectivity between CRM Online and Exchange Online.  The CRM Online Email Router Installation Guide has also been update to reflect...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Mobile Express URL for CRM Online Customers

    As part of the CRM Online November Service Update, Mobile Express is provided to all CRM Online customers free of charge. To configure Mobile Express navigate to Settings…Customizations…Customize Mobile Express. Select what CRM entities and attributes...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Zero2Ten releases Constant Contact Connector for Microsoft CRM

    Zero2Ten is happy to announce the general release of the Constant Contact Connector for MS CRM Online or On-Premise platform.  The solution was developed to facilitate a seamless user experience of closed loop Email Marketing between Microsoft CRM...( read more )
  • Blog Post: A Smart Selling Tool - Right Inside Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    As a sales professional, you’re faced with an exploding social Web that equates to a wealth of insight into your prospects. But it's also a huge time-sucker, and as it keeps growing, your ability to keep a clear view of your pipeline becomes more and...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Parsing Full Name Into Separate Name Fields

    Assume you are going to import Contacts into CRM using the Import Wizard. The file you are going to import has the Contact full name in 1 column. When attempting to import the Contacts using the Import Wizard you will receive an message that the Full...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Access Hoover’s Launches New Version

    A new version of Access Hoover's is available that will help you tackle your CRM data quality issues and give you and your clients more creative options for building targeted prospect lists. With this latest Access Hoover’s release (r3.0), you and your...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Top Sites and Downloads

    The following is a great post from CRM Team blog “poster” JaaG. - Eric B. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Top Sites and Downloads...( read more )
  • Blog Post: CRM Sample Data – Product Fix

    Have you imported the CRM Sample Data (YES, it works with CRM Online) and tried to add products to an opportunity? Nothing there! You look and see the products have been imported but notice the warning: There are 295 products added as a part of the sample...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Making Your Existing Email Address Your Windows Live ID

    Let’s say you want to invite your new users to CRM Online using their corporate email address, however you are not sure if their corporate email address is their Windows Live ID (WLID). Why would I do this? Well if you send the invite to a Windows Live...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Business Data Auditing Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

    The Business Data Auditing Accelerator provides basic audit capabilities for organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The accelerator takes a snapshot of a record whenever the relevant event occurs within the system such as Create, Update, Assign and...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Synchronizing and the Offline Client

    One of the great features provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the ability to take the application offline (i.e. work on a plane). This capability is made possible by our S+S (software+services) vision of leveraging the best of services (CRM Online)...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Achieving Single Sign On with CRM Online

    My company uses Active Directory for Authentication but CRM Online uses Windows Live ID. How can I have single sign on if there are 2 different logins. The answer is quite simple. Load the CRM Online Outlook client and during the configuration process...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Discounted CRM Online access for Microsoft Partners

    Microsoft offers CRM Online to our Partners at the reduced rate of $19 per user per month. This offer has been available for some time but I still encounter partners who are not aware of the offering. As a Microsoft partner your company probably has access...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Getting Visibility for Your Dynamics ISV Solution

    For our CRM Online ISV’s I would recommend posting your solutions to the Partner Solution Profiler. This tool will help generate visibility to your product or service. The following guidance comes from the Microsoft ISV team as to how post your solution....( read more )
  • Blog Post: New Features of Bridge2CRM for May 2009

    Updates on new features from softBRIDGE, one of our mobility ISV’s. New Features of Bridge2CRM for May 2009 We have added some new features to the Bridge2CRM product. Here is a quick overview of some of them. Click Here to download the May Features document,...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Adding Hierarchical State / Country Picklists

    I recently had the need to add hierarchical state and country picklists to a custom entity. I had configured these fields in another entity and moved them to my new entity following the process in my previous post . I should point out that global picklists...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Copying Attributes from one Entity to Another

    I have been asked many times, “If I customize this entity can I simply copy the attributes to another entity or do I need to create them from scratch?”. The answer has been “No, there is no feature in CRM to do this. You need to create them again”. So...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Time to Renew Those Expiring Partner Demo Orgs

    Partners are starting to get notifications stating that their demonstration environments are about to expire. Per the Terms & Conditions of the Partner Demo Offer, this environment “ *cannot be upgraded or renewed. This offer is only open to partners...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Updated Server to Server Authentication Documentation

    NOTE: The information presented below is NOT in the SDK currently available for download or online . This update was posted on the Microsoft CRM Development Forum on April 7th. The following updated information applies to version 4.0.8 of the Microsoft...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Using OCS with Dynamics CRM Online

    One of the great benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the integration with Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is so widely used that it's hard to see why you ever chose a CRM system that was not integrated with it. A key benefit is being able...( read more )
  • Blog Post: Hoover’s Integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Hoover ’s and Microsoft Dynamics have made Access Hoover’s available to Dynamics Online and On-Premise CRM users. Access Hoover ’s opens up the Hoover ’s global database of 31 million companies and 36 million people for user access within the CRM environment....( read more )