I was implementing CRM for a manufacturing company which had their operations in multiple geographies and wanted the CRM solution to be available in different languages. We do have ability to enable languages and get the translations done.

Everything is fine if we have only one environment to work with; which is never the case. We always have Dev, QA, UAT and Production environments at a bare minimum. The limitation with exporting language translations is that we can only import the translations to the Organization from which we have exported it.

What this essentially means is that if we export the translation from Dev then we can only import them back to Dev, then the question arises How do we move these translated text from Dev to Production?. There is a very simple solution to it.

Managing Language Translations

Note: I would assume that there is a solution which contains all the customizations which will later be moved into other organization

  1. Enable required Languages
  2. Export Translations
  3. Modify the Translated Text
  4. Import Translations back to the Organization from which it was exported
  5. Export Customization solution from the same organization (which will include the translated text)
  6. Import this customization solution into desired organization
  7. Switch language and the translated text should be visible

Export Base Translation

  • Go to Settings > Customizations
  • Choose Customize the System
  • On the Actions Toolbar, click Export Translations
    Export TranslationsExport Translations
  • After completing the export, open or save the compressed (.zip) file that contains the exported labels to local computer or network location.
  • Extract the XML file from the compressed (.zip) file and translate it.

Important Note: CRM allows to import translated text back into the same organization it was exported from.

Modify Exported Translations

After extracting the XML, there should be two files for translation i.e. Content_Type and CRM Translations.

  • Open CRM Translations file in Excel. Following worksheets should be visible.
    CrmTranslations XMLCrmTranslations XML
    • Information – Displays information about the organization and solution that the labels and strings were exported from.
    • Display Strings – Display strings that represent the text of any messages associated with a metadata component. This table includes error messages and strings used for system ribbon elements.
    • Localized Labels – Displays all of the text for any metadata component labels.
  • After the text in the worksheets has been localized, add both CrmTranslations.xml and [Content_Types].xml files to a single compressed .zip file. This file is ready for importing.

Package and Import Translations

  • Go to Settings > Customizations
  • Choose Customize the System
  • On the Actions Toolbar, click Import Translations
    Import TranslationsImport Translations
  • When it is done importing the translations, choose Close

Export Customizations

After you have imported back the translated text into Dev, just export the customization solution and the exported solution file will contain all the translated text which you can go ahead and deploy to any organization, enable the language and you should be good to go. :)

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