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Using goals in CRM 2011 is a great way to keep any team on track. To keep historical data of goals, we must recreate them each time they expire. Since many of the fields on a goal stay the same from one time period to the next, we can use a dialog to recreate the goals. The steps below will show a quick and easy dialog to make recreating goals a little easier. (Read our post on the difference between workflows and dialogs for a little background info on these types of processes.)

First, navigate to Settings > Processes and click New.

Steps 1, 2 & 3 for recreating goals in CRM 2011 with a dialog

On the screen that appears, give the dialog a Process Name, choose Goal as the Entity and Dialog as the Category. Then click OK.

Create the process

The steps in this dialog will be determined by what changes are necessary from the original goal to the copied goal. At the very least, we will want the option to change From and To of the Time Period tab.

On the screen that appears, click Add Step and select Page from the dropdown list.

Add a step to the process

Give the Page a description and then click Select this row and click Add Step. After selecting the row, click Add Step and choose Prompt and Response.


Give the Prompt and Response a description and then click Set Properties. The description should notify any person looking at the dialog, what the step is for.

The screen that appears is where we will define our first question. This question will determine when the copied goal begins. Fill in the Statement Label, Prompt Text and Response Type. The Prompt Text will be the question the User sees and the Response Type will be Date Only for this question. Click Save and Close after filling in all pertinent information.

Enter promp text

Click Add Step and choose Prompt and Response again, to add any other questions. This dialog will only set the To and From dates.

After adding all the prompt and responses, we need to create our copied goal. Click directly left of Page to highlight that area and then click Add Step and choose Create Record.


This will add a Create Record step after Page 1. Give the step a description and choose to create a Goal. Click Set Properties.

In the form that appears all values need to be set. Set the values that will be copied from the other goal by clicking in the field and then choosing the Goal in the Look for: field and the field name from the dropdown below that. Then click Add and OK. Repeat these steps for all fields that don’t have a prompt and response in the dialog.

For any fields that we have a prompt and response in the dialog for, select the prompt and response in the Look for: and the response from the dropdown below.

When complete, this is what the Time Period tab looks like for this goal.

It will look similar to below when it is completely filled in:

Click Save and Close, Activate the dialog and start copying dialogs. And now you’ve learned all about recreating goals in CRM 2011!

(If this post left you scratching your head, you can always review our intro to goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.)

Happy CRM’ing!

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