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In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft Dynamics CRM online will discontinue offering their Internet Lead Capture tool as of February 15, 2013. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM online user, and have been using this tool to capture internet leads, you may be looking for other alternatives. Well, good news! PowerObjects offers a fully functioning CRM lead capture tool called PowerWebForm.

With PowerWebForm, you have the ability to not only capture internet leads, but also to capture any other data from your internet forms, and bring that data directly into CRM. When you build a PowerWebForm in your CRM, you get to decide what entity gets created – meaning that when someone fills out a form, a lead can be created in your CRM, or a contact, an opportunity, or maybe you would like to create a custom record that you have in CRM.

PowerWebForm: internet lead capture tool

As you’re creating a CRM web form, you are mapping your form fields to your CRM fields, deciding if the field is required, and whether or not you want to use each specific field to check for duplicates in CRM (you can even check more than one CRM entity for duplicates!). You can also include hidden fields (for example, if you’re creating a lead, you may want to include a hidden field on the form, so that the Topic field on the lead that is created is automatically filled in, but the person submitting the form wouldn’t need to fill in that field), decide if you’d like someone to be instantly notified when a form is submitted (with full form details), and decide if you’d like to redirect form submitters to a different page automatically once they’ve finished filling out the form.

With PowerWebForm, it’s super simple to build a CRM internet lead form (or any other form) and post it on your web page.

For more information on PowerWebForm or to start your free 30 day trial, please visit the PowerWebForm web page.

Happy CRM’ing!

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