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The PowerMap add-on is one of many awesome PowerPack add-ons that enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. PowerMap allows CRM users to plot any view of any Dynamics CRM entity (yes, even custom entitles) on a single map.

With this greatly enhanced mapping add-on for Dynamics CRM, users can now map more than one entity, or more than one view of an entity on a map at the same time. Each user can save their own map configurations, and their own map locations, including position and zoom level. So, for example, let’s say I’m traveling in Minneapolis, MN this week, and I want to see what active accounts I have on Minneapolis. Once I map that view, I can save it, and, if I want additional information about a specific account, I can select a pin, and additional information about that record will display in a bubble above that record. To open that CRM record, I click on the name of the account.

Users can also put a PowerMap on a CRM record, and see where that record is located in relation to other records in the CRM. For example, a PowerMap could be placed on an account form, and see where that account is, in relation to other active accounts.

Mapping Add-on for Dynamics CRM

PowerMap is available for a free 30 day trial, which can be downloaded from the PowerMap web page.

Happy CRM’ing!

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