CRM Online organizations are beginning to receive updates in the the form of the Spring ’14 Wave: code name ‘Leo’. In order to take advantage of the awesome new service features you will need to install the updates from the Administration area.

How do I know if I’ve received the update?

Check your personal settings and select About. If your organization has been updated you would now see version
CRM 2013 is version 6 and the Spring ’14 update is indicated as 6.1.

Next, check in the Settings area for the new Service Management sub area (Figure 1).


Figure 1 – No Service Management

If you do not see it and you are a System Administrator, navigate to:

  1. Settings > Administration.
  2. Click on Install Product Updates.

3. The next screen will offer information on configuring and leveraging the new service area features such as Entitlements and SLA’s, case hierarchies,  merging, and routing rules.

4. To continue, click Update.

You will receive a final confirmation before updating. We recommend performing this update after hours because your CRM organization will not be available during the update.

5. Click Yes to continue.

During the update process, you have the option to watch a video and monitor the progress.

6. A confirmation screen will notify upon completion. At this point the new features are now available.

7. Return to Settings and verify the new Service Management sub area:

Additional documentation and tutorials can be accessed to get you started using the new features!

Watch for more blogs and education opportunities from PowerObjects as the Spring ’14 Wave updates continue!

Happy CRM’ing!

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