Landing Pages with PowerWebForm

Take your web forms to new heights with our latest enhancement, landing pages! PowerWebForm is one of PowerObjects’ most popular PowerPack Add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Users love the convenience of having their web form submissions feed directly into Dynamics 365. Now, with the ability to create customized landing pages with PowerWebForm, your customers’ experience will be even better!

Landing pages are a great way to urge a call to action for your website visitors to provide you their information. Landing pages are typically used to exchange something for the prospect’s information. For example, many companies use a landing page to capture visitor’s information in exchange for downloadable content.

Using the landing page feature in PowerWebForm, you can create a stylized page with a call to action and have the information feed directly into your CRM. Users still get the same benefits as the traditional web form in PowerWebForm, such as having the web form create a new record for their chosen entity (custom or out-of-the-box), duplicate detection, notification emails, and more.

This enhancement is excellent for marketing teams. Our internal marketing team uses them regularly, since they are so easy and fast to make. They are great for quick campaigns or events – not to mention it takes some of the workload off of our web design team! Here’s an example of a landing page we created to promote our eBook, Getting Started with Marketing Automation and CRM.

The landing page designer is simple and easy to use. You can follow the intuitive designer and build your first landing page in mere minutes!

Landing Pages with PowerWebForm

Landing Pages with PowerWebForm

Want to check out landing pages for yourself? Download the latest version of PowerWebForm to get started! If you’re not currently using PowerWebForm, you can download the solution today and start your FREE 30 day trial.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!