Do you want to know how to begin nurturing leads as soon as they submit a webform? PowerWebForm and PowerNurture can help!

First, import both PowerWebForm and PowerNurture using the PowerPack Import Guide and register for your 30-day trial.

Then, create your PowerWebForm and your PowerNurture Campaign. Be sure to set up your PowerWebForm so that upon submission, PowerWebForm creates a lead record with an easily identifiable Lead Source such as “PowerWebForm Submission”

Next go to Settings >> Processes

Webform Submission

Click, New Process.

Webform Submission

Create a New Workflow on the Lead Entity to be run across the organization when the record is created.

Webform Submission

Start with a Check Condition that states If Lead Source Equals [PowerWebForm Submission], then create a record and select nurture automation. The nurture automation will send the lead to the PowerNurture Campaign automatically every time a lead is created with the designated lead source. Be sure to select the correct PowerNurture Campaign and the correct step – a helpful tip is when you are creating your nurture campaign use descriptive titles such as “Welcome Email” so you can tell which step to send a brand-new lead to.

Webform Submission

Finally, don’t forget to activate your workflow.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully linked your PowerWebForm to your PowerNurture Campaign.

Keep in mind that if you want to get the most out of PowerNurture, you’ll want to check out all our PowerPacks and implement the ones that suit your organization’s needs.

Happy PowerNurturing and Happy Dynamics 365’ing!