We have begun to hear report from our client of a potential new small glitch. For some reason the outlook crm environment check sometimes keeps insisting that there is a pending reboot, even though the user has rebooted many times and nothing has been installed since then. The simples fix for this is to create a new registry key that tells the outlook crm client to ‘ignore its environment check’.

To do so, create this key:


Key Type: DWord
Key: IgnoreChecks
Value: 1

To make it easier, we’ve attached a zip file with the registry key

  1. Double click on the .zip file attached
  2. Chose to open
  3. Double click on the .reg file inside the zip file.
  4. Click run if prompted
  5. Click yes on the security warning

The above will create a single registry key telling the outlook CRM client to ignore this check.