The momentum around Microsoft Dynamics CRM has us busy working with organizations who want to understand how to best use this technology.   We hear about social media all the time, but I still see organizations wondering how this really affects their CRM applications.

With all of the email, tweets, linkedin usage, RSS feeds, news, and emails that bombard most of us on a typical day, we feel overwhelmed.  At least I feel overwhelmed some days.  What do I really want?  I want to know the most up to date information on my accounts and prospects at just the right time.

One way CRM can help is by becoming an aggregation point for all of this information.  How about the ability to open an account in CRM and see the latest news pertaining to the account, or twitter mentions, or SEC information at the same time.  How useful would it be to open a contact and see their linkedin profile and learn about how well you are connected to that individual?  Would that information be useful and help you sell to your prospects or better serve your customers?  The organizations I talk to seem to think it would be useful AND a huge timesaver!

If you are currently planning a CRM implementation, design this capability into your implementation.  Your CRM users will be thrilled and as a result, adoption of your CRM initiative will increase.  The tools and methods are available today to incorporate and aggregate information from the world wide web into your CRM application when and where you want to see it. 

In order to help businesses implement these strategies, Microsoft offers the Social Networking Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are add-on modules developed to address specific business needs.  The Social Networking Accelerator allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to discover online conversations, identify influential people, and engage with them on social networking sites using their customer system of record—Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To learn more, read the white paper on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM is engaging the customer through social media.

Save your people time and help them be more effective.  These tools will help.

By: Mike Nafziger, McGladrey – Minnesota Dynamics AX, GP, SL, CRM Partner

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