Assigning or allotting Leads to respective sales professionals is a very important task. This task, if not handled properly will result in loss of potential clientele which will eventually lead to low sales and low returns. So, in order to make this task effective and effortless, Inogic introduced a new productivity app for PowerApps & Dynamics 365 CRM – Lead Assignment Distribution & Automation.

Lead Assignment Distribution & Automation allots/assigns incoming Leads automatically in Dynamics 365 CRM to respective sales professionals in an organized way. It ensures that Leads are evenly distributed among the sales team members, thus collectively enhancing the productivity of entire team. This increases sales and results in achieving higher ROI.

Now, let’s have a look into few features of Lead Assignment Distribution & Automation.

The most important feature of this app is to assign or distribute Leads using Round Robin & Capacity Algorithm. The below illustration showcases two teams Pre-sales and Post-sales using two different methods to assign Leads - Round Robin Algorithm & Capacity Algorithm.

Round Robin Algorithm

The Pre-sales team consists of three members – Sam, John and Mary. Here, the incoming Leads will be assigned automatically in a systematic way. The first lead will be assigned to Sam, the second lead to John, the third lead to Mary and the fourth lead will be again assigned to Sam. In this way, there will be fair & square distribution of leads among the team members.

Capacity Algorithm

The Post-sales team consists of three members – Missy, Jacob and Leena. Here, the leads are assigned based on the capacity of each team member to handle the workload given to them. As illustrated the capacity of each lead is considered as 25 units and the team members are given capacity depending upon their workload and capability to handle it. So, Missy is given 0 capacity, Jacob is given 50 and Leena is given 100. In accordance with this no new lead will be assigned to Missy, whereas, Jacob will be assigned 2 new leads and Leena will be assigned 4 new leads. In this way, it can be ensured that no team member is overloaded with work resulting in loss of potential sales.

With these two methods you can easily assign the incoming leads among your team members as per your requirement.

But what about the assignment of already existing leads in your Dynamics 365 CRM? Up until now the sole focus was on assigning upcoming new leads.

How will you assign the already existing leads in your CRM?

For that we have yet another feature which will take care of all these existing leads – Run Assignment.

Run Assignment

With Run Assignment you can easily assign the already existing Leads (before the installation of solution) in your CRM to respective team members as per the newly configured assignment rules. You have to just select the leads that you want to assign and click on the ‘Run Assignment’ button. All the selected leads will be automatically assigned to respective team members as per Round Robin or Capacity Algorithm.

With these amazing features Lead Assignment Distribution & Automation ensures that your day-to-day tasks are carried out effortlessly, thereby improving the overall performance of your team and team members.

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