With the Spring 2014 release of Dynamics CRM, Microsoft is adding exciting new capabilities across customer service, marketing and sales.  Since the user experience will be integrated, it makes sense that the pricing and licensing should be too. So the pricing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be changing again – but this time you get more value for the same price.

CRM Pricing      

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Social Listening Offered At No Additional Charge

Last year Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 pricing introduced the three license types: Professional, Basic and Essential.

In Spring 2014 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional licenses will include Microsoft Social Listening at no additional charge (as long as you have 10 users or more).  It will remain $65 per use per month. (From the acquisition of NetBreeze)

This adds the capabilities for people to analyze and act on intelligence from social conversations, including measuring sentiment across a wide array of social channels.

Available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise Too

Since you have the “power of choice” and can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise, these customers can add Microsoft Social Listening for $20 per user per month for licensed users of CRM Professional CALs.

It was pointed out to me that this is an extremely competitive price point when compared with competing products such as SalesForce, where customers could pay “thousands” for social listening features.

Introducing Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise License

Microsoft will also be introducing Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise for $200 per user per month. This will include:

Dynamics Marketing: Provides features to the marketing department such as data segmentation, behavioral training, digital asset management, brand management, marketing automation functionality, lead management and scoring capabilities and more. (From the acquisition of Marketing Pilot).

Note:  According to the chart above, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing can also be used as a stand alone tool for $125 per user per month.

Unified Service Desk: A powerful new application designed for call centers to manage multiple interactions, simultaneously as a customer care hub.

Parature: Parature is a tool that offers advanced customer self service tools such as portals, chat and knowledge-base. For a limited time Microsoft will offer customers in the USA and Canada who purchase at least 10 seats of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise (through an Enterprise Agreement) an equal number of Parature seats at no additional cost.

What’s New in Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring 2014 Release?

CRM2014 Release

Remember, these pricing changes will not take place until Spring 2014. You can calculate the current price of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 at www.crmsoftwareblog.com/quick-quote. This free, automated tool will show you the cost of license, maintenance and estimated implementation fees for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise. It will be updated with new pricing in Spring 2014. Request your budgetary quick quote today.

Additional Details  Microsoft Dynamics CRM pricing and licensing: more integrated value for marketing, sales and customer care. And Microsoft unveils new marketing, customer care and social listening capabilities

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