Hello all,

Lets quickly do a simple excel import to create records in CRM, lets take account entity as an example now,
  1. Go to account view
  2. Click Export To Excel => Static Worksheet
  3. Open the downloaded excel, clear all the values in the excel except the header row- make sure that you clear the values in hidden columns except header row. 
  4. Add the new rows in excel, each row represents a new record in CRM.
  5. Now click "Import Data", in the appearing pop-up choose the updated excel
  6. Now proceed to next step, Set duplicate detection and owner based on your preference
  7. In the finish screen there will be a link to open imports, click the same which will show import progress
  8. After successful import, the Status Reason of the import record will be updated to completed.
  9. Now validate the records, boom the records are created in CRM