New Unified Interface Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

If you are familiar with the Interactive Service Hub in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will feel more accustomed to Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM‘s new Unified User Interface in the Version 9 update.

This new user interface is based on the old interactive service hub but with a lot more enhancements and capabilities.

You can access it by navigating to your Dynamics 365 App directory. Also, each app can be controlled through security roles.

Dynamics 365 App Directory

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is not displayed across the top, as you would see it on the Web interface.

On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see your Navigation Bar, which includes Leads, Opportunities, etc. There, you can access previously viewed areas, among other key things.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Dashboards


The dashboards shown in the new Unified User Interface are the same as you have in your normal interface, but the default colors and layout are a bit cleaner.

All of the dashboards you have created in the Web interface have been converted into the Unified interface in its own format.

Drilling is a bit different in the Unified User Interface, however. If you go into different screens, you will see you cannot access your drilling as far down as you can in the Web interface.

Interactive Dashboards are also available in this interface and can be done against any of the core modules.

Dynamics 365 Forms


The layout of the Forms inside the Unified User Interface has some core differences from the web interface: Tabs are back, a new Timeline, and Sub Grids are now more condensed.

The Related Tab is especially handy, as it shows all of the related entities against the entity you are viewing.

Adding another User Interface did not double the amount of work for the System Administrator. The same form used for the Web Interface is also used for the Unified User Interface meaning modifications only need to be done on one form and they show up within both interfaces.

Microsoft Dynamics Version 9 Timeline

Timeline in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Unified User Update



The Timeline is a new control that lists all Posts, Activities, and Notes in a chronological list. This provides an easier way to view any notes or correspondences anyone has had with the record you are on.

As shown above, the Timeline replaces the Social Pane within the new Unified User Interface.

Within the Timeline, you are able to filter by Record Type, Activity Status, or Activity Type:

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

You are also able to create Activities, Posts, Notes, and OneNotes from the Timeline:

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Version 9 Update

The Timeline also provides a summary of new posts, activities, and/or notes that have been created since the last time you visited that record:

MS Dynamics 365/CRM V9 Update

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Version 9 Update


One of the last pieces missing from recommending Users to start using CRM to create and send emails from inside CRM was a nice email body editor. The unified interface provides this editor now. The email editor is the same control used for creating Knowledgebase articles.

You can now add HTML code to your emails, if you like, and preview how the emails will appear on different hosts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Business Process Flow

The Business Process Flow has a different look and feel inside of this interface compared to the Web interface.  You are still visually able to see what stage you are at within the business process.

To see the steps you need to complete in each stage, you select the stage and a drop-down appears with the list of steps:

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Version 9 Update


The new Unified User Interface is called this because it provides you the exact same experience by a web browser or through your mobile device. The above look and feel along with all the features and functionality is available on your tablet or phone app (iOS, Android, Windows).

The Unified User Interface is clean, user-friendly, and ready to use. Any new customers to Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM will be immediately welcomed by this interface, but those using Versions 8.0 or 8.2, for example, will need to update.

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