Recently I was in a training for a client where I was demoing the CRM – SharePoint  OOB integration. So I enabled the integration and then also enabled the Account Entity for Document Management.

However when I opened a Contact and tried to Navigate to the Documents section, I find no link in the Navigation Pane. Looked like the one below.


Bit embarrassing since just before that I told the participants that the document link would appear once I enabled the entity for Document Management.

Bit flummoxed, I checked for the relationship whether mistakenly I have made the relationship display to False. It was not the case.

Then jumped on to the form editor and clicked on the Navigation Pane and then much to my relief, I could see the Documents tab in the available relationships.



Just dragged the relationship on to the Common relationship area. Save and publish the customizations. And much to my relief I could see the Documents link in the Navigation Pane



Small thing. But saves you some moments if you know this.


Debajit Dutta

(Dynamics MVP)

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