You may have run into an issue with CRM Online 2013 after you have upgraded your CRM to the Spring 2014 Service Pack.  The issue is that the Workplace tab gets removed.  Microsoft is aware of this issue.  If you experience the issue, you can contact them and they can fix the issue on the back end, thus giving you the Workplace tab back.  However, I wanted to provide you with a workaround for this issue and get some additional information out there on this. 

The problem with the Workplace tab disappearing is if you have a custom entity that is only displayed on that tab, and the tab is removed, you will not see your customizations.  The customizations are still in your system, however they are just not visible.    What we can do is add them to a different section within CRM.  To do so, please take the steps I have Outlined Below: 

  1. Log into CRM with a user who is an administrator. 
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Customizations -> Customize the system
  3. Expand the Entities
  4. Select the Custom Entity you would like to change.  The preview pane should change to the following:


5. Check the box that you would like it to be displayed in.  For example, Sales, Service, Marketing, or Settings.

6. Save the changes and publish your customizations. 


Your customizations should now be in the section that you checked when you visit that section within CRM. 

By Kade Club, Summit Group Software