As I’m sure you have heard, Update Rollup 12 for CRM 2011 has been released.  For the server installation of this we are creating a number of new indexes in the CRM organization database(s).  These new indexes are being put in place to assist with performance issues with the new Quick Find Optimization feature.  Because of this there have been some organizations and deployments that have taken an extended period of time to install and apply the update.  To help facilitate installing the update, the items below can be used. 

Process Outline:

1) Use a Powershell script to set AutomaticallyInstallDatabaseUpdates to 0

2) Install Update Rollup 12 on the CRM Server

3) From Deployment Manager, Select Organizations, right click on a specific organization and update

4) Use the Powershell script from step 1 to set the AutomaticallyInstallDatabaseUpdates value to 1


Using this method will allow an administrator to control the pacing of the updates being applied.  Below are a pair of links on how to run through the described process. 


Setting Advanced Configuration Options:

Deployment Table Metadata information: