What's Changing in the Next Major Release

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Quick post here today.  I wanted to get some additional visibility out to this page for the people looking at the next version of CRM.  There are some major changes coming with the new release and some of this is being published now to help get ahead of the game.  The product team is getting information out on this over on the MSDN site in the What's Changing in the Next Major Release page.  Both developers as well as users in CRM Online are going to want to be keeping a close eye on this page as it evolves.  Some of the biggest items there are changes to Duplicate Detection, Ribbon customizations, code using the DOM, the end of life of the 2007/CRM4.0 endpoints and more. 

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    Project Managers/Product Omwers also need to keep a careful idea and plan for change management - community.dynamics.com/.../110507.aspx

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    @Scott, Yip Change management is crucial, I try my best to show my users that change is a good thing!