Are you experiencing a crash or hang issue with the CRM for Outlook client? If you are and you have contacted support, you more than likely were provided with a link to run a diagnostic tool to help us capture more data. I want to cover a little more in detail how to use these. If you are wondering how these are beneficial, see the previous blog post.

First, it is important to specify the difference between a hang and a crash.

A hang is where the application becomes unresponsive, gray screened, and you may not be able to click on it. You may need to close this with Task Manager.

A crash is where the program all of the sudden closes/terminates. Even though it may crash, the application may automatically recover and restart.

The Client for Outlook Collector can capture either of these to help us gather memory dumps on around the crash/hang process:

Client for Outlook Collector

Hang Capture


We will start with capturing a Hang using this diagnostic.

1. You will need to start with Outlook open.

2. If the process can be reproduced by a certain set of steps, get to the point immediately before the issue occurs and stop. We do this so we do not have to click around more than we need to since all of this data will be captured

3. Go to the URL provided by the support engineer

4. Click Run when Prompted

5. Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services and Microsoft FixIt will start loading

6. You will then need to accept

7. It will then start downloading diagnostic components

8. You will then need to choose This Computer if you are on the machine encountering the issue. (You can choose A different computer to create a portable file)

9. Then you will click Start

10. Click Next

11. Since this is a Hang, you will choose No when it asks Does Outlook close unexpectedly or crash?

12. Since this is a Hang, you will choose Yes when it asks Does Outlook freeze or stop responding to Clicks? Do you have to use Task Manager to close the program? Then click Next

13. Then, click Next to start collecting data

14. It will ask you to reproduce the error. This is where you will reproduce the hang. Once a hang has been detected, memory dumps will be captured.




Crash Capture


Next, to capture a crash, it will be the same steps as previously up to Step 11, where you will choose Yes to Does Outlook close unexpectedly or crash?

1. It will then say click Next and reproduce the problem. Again, to minimize data being captured, if the issue has consistent repro steps, be sure to be at the point immediately prior to creating the crash.

2. Click Next and reproduce the crash

3. Once it crashes, it will capture crash dumps

4. Once it has completed, be sure to upload the files to Microsoft so that they can be analyzed by your support engineer.