We are excited to release a new diagnostic scenario for Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM Online).  This diagnostic is included as part of the Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant which you can download by clicking hereThis scenario is designed to troubleshoot issues with signing into Dynamics 365 with your web browser.  Below is an overview of some of the checks and recovery actions that are included as well as some screenshots. 

Before running any checks, this diagnostic first prompts you for which web browser you are using if multiple browsers are installed.  Any recovery actions that appear later will be based on the selected browser.    


  • Verify network connectivity
  • Verify sign-in credentials
  • Retrieve the list of Dynamics 365 instances for the tenant.  If there is more than one instace, you are prompted to select which instance you cannot access.
  • Verify user has a Dynamic 365 license
  • Check if the Dynamics 365 instance has access restricted using a security group.
    • If security group is in use, verify the user is a member of the security group.
  • Verify connectivity to URLs accessed when signing into Dynamics 365
  • Passive sign-in checks and SSL certificate verification


Recovery Actions

  • Clear browser cookies
  • Provide user a direct URL to access the Dynamics 365 instance
  • Automatically launch the Dynamics 365 instance URL using the specified browser
  • Automatically launch the Dynamics 365 instance URL using in private mode for the specified browser
  • Clear browser cache


The screenshots below show the experience of running this diagnostic scenario.  In the following example, the No button was clicked each time to show the full set of possible recovery actions.