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Wizardry starts here

I don’t know if it was published before but I just found out that we were able to remove “forms” from “form selector” using Javascript. It’s really useful when you have many forms because you are creating forms for different purpose but don’t want users to be able to switch themselves to those forms.

Screenshot of a form in a model-driven app. Form selector is visible and shows multiple forms available to the user to select from.

So let’s say, I have so many forms for account entity (see screenshot), I can remove the form selector by using the following script.

function disableFormSelector(){

Voila! Sans sélecteur de formulaire!

(Tanguy actually didn’t say anything here but I’m not missing the opportunity to flex my Google-inspired French skills – t.j.)

Screenshot of a the same form as before in a model-driven app. Form selector is no longer visible after the  javascript fragment execution.

(And I have no idea why Tanguy gets involved with piscines this time of the year. And why would swimming pools need a résumé? I guess he’s looking for a new job trying to finance his new swimming pool. Smiling imp – t.j.)

Cover image by PhilippT | Pixabay