I am working on a project where we want to schedule a custom entity using Universal Resource Scheduling (URS)

There isn’t a way to install URS on its own; URS is installed with Field Service and Project Service Automation. So I installed Field Service and I can see the URS managed solutions along with the Field Service managed solutions. However, I want to simplify the Dynamics 365 user interface and want to remove Field Service but it is not straightforward.

First I deleted the following solutions:

  • Field Service UCI App Module
  • Field Service App Module
  • Field Service Anchor

That leaves the Field Service solution. There are a number of dependencies on other components that prevent the Field Service solution from being deleted.

To find these dependencies you need to find the Id of the solution. The easiest way to get the Id is to open the Field Service solution and click on Actions and Email a Link


You will get a URL similar to https://<OrganisationName>.crm<N>.dynamics.com/tools/solution/edit.aspx?appSolutionId=%7b23C03DF6-8DE9-4CD3-85BB-D3663EAFF640%7d&id=%7b23C03DF6-8DE9-4CD3-85BB-D3663EAFF640%7d

The Id is between the %7b and %7d such as highlighted above.

Use this Id in this URL https://<OrganisationName>.crm<N>.dynamics.com/tools/dependency/dependencyviewdialog.aspx?objectid=[ID]&objecttype=7100&operationtype=dependenciesforuninstall

This will list the components that have dependencies. I had the following:

  • Account (Form)
  • Contact (Form)
  • Lead (Form)
  • Opportunity (Form)
  • Price List (Form)
  • Case (Form)
  • SiteMap

I manually removed fields and navigation from these forms and removed Field Service from the default SiteMap.

I was then able to delete the Field Service solution although it did take some time!