We understand the importance of speed and efficiency in business. For the fast-paced workforce today, it doesn’t take long before manually tracking your organization’s contacts and accounts using spreadsheets and emails becomes painfully ineffective. The frustration that comes with storing valuable information on unwieldy and clunky spreadsheets is no longer necessary.

Keep track of all the communication and interactions related to your connections with SwiftRM, a quick and simple solution that provides a structured way to store and access that relationship information all in one place.

If the only form of relationship tracking you’re doing is on a spreadsheet, you could be missing out on valuable information like:

  • The history of that account/contact with your organization
  • Relevant comments on that account/contact from other members of your organization
  • Up-to-date title/address/email/phone/ information for each contact
  • Details specific to that contact like promotional email opt-in/outs

To add on top of that; there is the very real chance of irreversible errors made in the spreadsheet, for example a bad sorting that garbles all of that information you spent so much time accumulating and documenting. With a simple CRM solution like SwiftRM, reduce the risk of duplicating work efforts by only entering information once and having it available to anyone in your organization at any time.

SwiftRM provides everything you need to manage your relationships effectively, with just the right amount of personalization. Track your data with custom fields in Accounts and Contacts and one Custom Entity. It’s in the cloud so you get the added benefit of no extra IT costs, best in-class security, and anywhere access anytime. We have designed it specifically for ease of use and quick implementation. SwiftRM is supported by our experienced and knowledgeable team and built upon the strength of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

And best of all, after you sign up, SwiftRM will be ready in only 3 days!

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