> Reporting Tab

  • Specify report categories
    When Reports are created, we can group of multiple reports in various options.
    Report Types
    Display Area
    Categories has Four option in it.
    > Administrative Reports
    > Marketing Reports
    > Sales Reports
    > Service Reports.

    When you have some custom module which does not fit in any of the above area, you will need to create report in some new category.
    So in This setting, you can create new category, or you can rename existing category if not in use to fit your new module.

    You can treat  this setting as Global option set of Reports category.
    In other words, here you add/Edit/Delete option of this global option set, move up down selected option, or sort it ascending or descending.

    Also By default when you create report, In category, No option is selected.
    you can have some default option selected.
    For Example, if your organization is Service Specific you can set Reports default option as Service Reports and when new reports are created, you don’t have to choose categories for Service Reports.

> Calendar Tab

  • Set whether users can embed Power BI visuals
    Selecting yes will make all reports accessible in Power BI.

    Set scheduling options
    when Appointment is create, start date and end date decide appointment time.
    Time can be any, but we can warn user by setting some default limit of one appointment.
    For E.G we can set Maximum durations of an appointment in days as 1 and next time when user create an appointment, with duration more than 24 hours he will be informed for invalid duration , still user has chance to Ignore and save or else can cancel and change the time.
    if you choose to Ignore and save, Appointment record will be saved but error message will be shown every time you open the record.
    E.G. : https://msdynamicscrmblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/the-duration-of-the-appointment-is-invalid-in-dynamics-crm-2011/

    > Goals Tab 

  • When Goals are created or updated
    A roll fields starts to trigger every few hours (specified in Settings)
    and this roll up can’t be running forever. So Once goal has reached its end date, after few days of that end date, Roll up fields should also stop running.
    So the Setting of after how many days the roll up should stop once the goal has reached its end date can be specified here,
    Set the roll-up expiration time and the roll-up frequency.
    The setting Takes number of days you want to set as max duration of an appointment.
    Days after the goal end date when the rollup will stop = 30 (Default 30 days)

    Also you have can set after every N hours roll up will run.
    Roll-up recurrence frequency = 24 (Default is 24 hours)