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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) does a little bit of everything, or at least it can be made to. However if it’s weak in one area, it would have to be document management. In CRM documents become siloed and left buried, cold and alone within the entity. While this may be convenient for your CRM users, there are so many others for whom it’s not.  Introduce SharePoint and everything changes immediately for everyone. The list of improvements is nothing to balk at.

What do you get when you integrate SharePoint and CRM?

  • Version Tracking
    • Each document change can be recorded by Sharepoint for tracking or recovery.  Who changed the document and when.
  • Actual Collaboration
    • SharePoint is a hub that puts your data where you need it. Because it integrates with so many Microsoft applications, the documents you save don’t have to be uploaded from CRM to be visible in it.  Using Outlook (who doesn’t)? Upload a document from an email right to SharePoint and your sales team can see it in CRM in the context of the Account or entity it belongs with.  Oh, and all of those documents the sales people saved from CRM, yep you can see those in Outlook. I think we call that synergy folks.
  • More security
    • SharePoint brings with it a host of security management options and settings that let you lock down those documents if need be.  Regardless of the CRM user’s access if you want.
  • Workflow
    • Also known as business logic magic. Workflow lets you make sense of the document you attach to an entity.  Upload the document with a set of rules that force approval, associate alternate data and just about anything else you can think of with quick automation and email alerts.
  • Metadata
    • Document file names are always descriptive and intelligible right?  SharePoint lets you add additional descriptive, but more importantly sortable and searchable data about the document. These bits of information make sorting though older accounts fast and easy even if you have hundreds of documents.

Some of you aren’t convinced yet.  So here’s the selling point that should end the discussion.  SharePoint Foundation is free and works great to get started managing your CRM documents in SharePoint. You can download it today and while you’re at it, get the latest service pack.

SharePoint Foundation 2010

SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 2


For more information contact Andy Casper, SharePoint & Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant with Premier Computing.


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