The Spring 2014 release of Dynamics CRM saw the introduction of the Service Management functionality which allows SLA’s to be created and maintained which previously would have required custom code. There is new menu tile under settings to access the Service Management options.

In this example I will show you how to use customer service and holiday schedules to configure a SLA so that the Resolve Date is set to two working days after the creation date. It will apply Monday to Friday and takes account of holidays. You can see below that t
he SLA references a customer service schedule called  “Mon to Fri”

The working hours for the service schedule are configured for Monday to Friday and because my SLA is in working days I have set the working hours to start and end at 12:00am. The schedule observes a holiday calendar which I created and note this is a different calendar from the Business Closures calendar.
My SLA is related to the Response Date and applicable when the case priority is Normal. It is deemed successfully completed when the status is no longer active.

To test this I have made the SLA active and set it as the default SLA. Now when I create or update a case the Resolve By date is populated as two working days after the creation date.

The example above has observed the holiday schedule and has not include the November 5th in its calculations.