Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users can now use the Apple iPad to access their Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system. CRM team member Lee-ann blogs on the functionality you can expect. If you'd like any more information, please ring or email me.

Users using Safari on an Apple iPad (iOS 6.0 or later) can access the iPad Sales Experience user interface which provides
access to Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities with the recently released process-driven forms providing users with a step by step checklist of items to be completed in each of the Sales stages. The iPad Sales Experience also features the Activity Feeds and Dashboard capability.

While the functionality provided via Safari is limited to Sales, the full CRM Online site can be accessed via Google Chrome by requesting the desktop site in the settings option to the right of the URL bar.

Here's a list of functionality provided with the iPad Sales Experience with a few screenshots:

1) Dashboard Capability

The iPad user interface allows users to switch between dashboards to monitor their sales pipeline, pending action
items and outstanding cases. These dashboards, just like the browser user interface, are drill-down capable.

2) What's New - Activity Feed

View latest updates on records that you are following from the Activity Feeds Wall. The iPad CRM Online interface
also allows users to post comments and like/unlike posts on the news feed.

3) Account Management

Search, create and update account and contact records using the iPad user interface.

Sales users can also easily access account and contact location using the bing maps iframe that automatically
plots the account and contact address based on the address information entered.

4) Sales Management

Create and Update Leads and Opportunities on the go using the new process driven form with the ability to filter through the opportunities by using the chart panel to drill down to a particular segment, or further details using the chart drill down capability.

5) Reports (Accessible via Google Chrome)

Reports can be accessed by requesting the Full Site on Google Chrome.


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