Enable SilverlightGoogle has decided to disable the support for the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI), due to security reasons. Starting with disabling it in current version 42 and removing it's support completely in future version 45.
As we CRM people often have addons that run on Silverlight, here is to actiate NPAPI and enable Silverlight again.


You need to have a Chrome version lower than 45 and Silverlight (you can get it here) installed on your system.
You can check your Chrome version by typing "chrome://chrome" in the addressbar.


Enable NPAPI

First step is to enable NPAPI plugins in general. Type "chrome://flags" in your addressbar, search for "NPAPI" and enable it.

After that you need to restart Chrome.

Enable Silverlight

Now you can type "chrome://plugins" in your addressbar and enable Silverlight again.


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