Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization involves customization of forms and views, entity relationships & mappings, database entities, attributes as well as import and export customizations. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration involves configuring the organizational structure of any business enterprise. This encompasses the addition of user accounts, maintenance of security, creating a team of users, configuration of system settings, multilingual user interface and currency exchange rates etc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration enables you to create or remove tabs, sections, and fields, rename any field, create custom entities & attributes and create relationships between them in accordance with your business requirements. 

Significance: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Configuration

  • Enhances sales: You can contact your customers from anywhere, on any device and build a network, enabling real-time collaboration, better visibility and team work for increased sales, apart from receiving real-time insights. Leads to identification of sales opportunities and enhanced reporting, thereby improved productivity.
  • Dynamic Retail Management: E-commerce, Omni-channel merchandising and POS (Point of Sale management) help retailers to operate swiftly, succeed in customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. Enables automation of business processes. For instance, E-mail messaging and alerts.
  • E-Commerce: Manage content, catalogues, share customer interaction with employees for superior value-added services, reduced response times, better case resolution through single employee desk and execute discounts and coupons using social media sites. The synchronized central database helps to connect various departments for better collaboration.
  • Plan Marketing Strategies: Enhance brand credibility and know about the needs of the customer while integrating the plan and marketing automation into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) improves customer service by tracking client issues. 

MetaOption LLC

MetaOption LLC is a Microsoft Gold Certified Professional Company with a decade of experience in CRM Solutions development. 

Our strengths: 

  • Efficient after-sales support service for clients
  • Analysis of unique business requirements and their solution
  • Creation and modification of workflows and forms according to requirements of your enterprise
  • Improved productivity and decreased investment expenditure for business organizations.

Believe in the leaders for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation, configuration and online requirements. Take a step forward towards success with MetaOption LLC.