Problem Statement

  1. Many times we came across the scenario to have links in email templates and make the email template better in presentation aspect with the help of HTML.
  2. This blog explains how can you add hyperlink with friendly URL in Email templates.

Business Scenario

  1. ‘Adventure Works’ company wants to send email notification to case owner on create of case with below email format.

  • Click here should navigate user to URL stored in Custom URL field of Case entity.
  • We will achieve this requirement with the help of email template.

Note: We have not covered creation of workflows in this blog. We will use workflow on create of case record to send email using below email template.

Steps to create email template

  1. Go to Settings > Templates > Email Templates
  2. Click New. Select Template Type as Case.

  • Create template body as per below:

Below will be the output:

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