Problem Statement

Many times we come to a scenario where clients ask to remove business process flows from the production environments. In such scenarios, there are chances that on the existing records, the business process flows are already set on the records. Hence even if we deactivate the business processes, we still see a yellow ribbon as per below screenshot:

So, how to fix this issue?


First of all, we should not directly delete the business processes as clients might ask to reactivate the same and we don’t want to rework on the complex logic we have already implemented.

So, to remove above issue while keeping backup of the business process, we will have to follow below steps:

  1. Go to Setting > Processes
  2. Select the business process flow and deactivate it.
  3. Open Business process flow and click on the Save As option from the top ribbon.
  4. Delete the old business process flow.

After following above steps, you should be able to see that, business process section from existing records is removed and no warnings are shown at the same time, we have backup of the process which we can reactivate in future if needed.


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