Rapid Storage Services is a tool designed to shorten deployment times to improve the quality of implementations but also to introduce a repeatable approach to implementations.

In this article we will set up a new company and import the package of a pre-existing company using RapidStart Services in NAV 2017.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Purpose of the Setup

Our goal is to setup a new company in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and import the package of a pre-existing company using RapidStart Services


  1. Create new customer companies.
  2. Mass Deployment
  3. Configure add-on solution
  4. Prepare a NAV Demo

RapidStart Services Module

  1. Create and Export Configuration Package
  2. Create a new company and apply the configuration Package.


I. Create and Export Configuration Package

  1. Configure RapidStart Service Wizard by enabling the default Role Centre of RapidStart Services Implementer in Profiles.

  • In the Configuration Worksheet, select all the tables with required fields and filters and assign it to the package.
    1. Give the package an appropriate package code, name and then click on ok
    2. Select the package and click on OK, the package code will be assigned to all the tables of the configuration worksheet

  • Click on the newly created package and export it. This creates a .rapidstart file which can be imported in a new company.

II. Create a new Company and apply the Configuration package

  1. Create a New Company in Companies in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.
  2. Select the New Company from the drop down list and initialize it.
  3. Click on the RapidStart Services Wizard and enter the Company Information, communication details, payment details.

  • Select package fast tab, select the package you want to import, the package code and package name appears.

  • Now,select the profile that you want to use as default, and then click on Apply package.

  • The package will be imported and then click on OK
  • Click on worksheet and you can view the imported package select on any table and click on Database Data to view the table details.


The .rapidstart file can be imported in multiple companies. This shortens the deployment time and improves the quality of implementation.


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