Customers, they are upset!

They send emails containing complaints and the CS team was so busy!
But, they need action and also need an email to convince them that they were sending to right support email.
So that, you will need an automatic reply email.

In earlier version, we should create a workflow to convert email to case, but in CRM 2013 SP1 or CRM 2013 Online with Spring Wave Updates, that is possible without workflow.

Here is the steps to send automatic reply email after customers submitted case through email.

1. Make sure you’ve done the email setting and have a dedicated queue with specific email because we need CRM to receive the incoming email to this Queue.

2. Assuming you’ve done the number 1, then go to Service Management and go to Automatic Case Creation Rules.


3. Create a new one ‘Case Creation Rule’

Use this setting!


4. Save and don’t forget to Activate it.

5. You also can set a criteria or a condition in the ‘Specify Case Details’

For example, you want to set special treatment only if from specific customer, etc.

6. Test the result

7. Send an email to the ‘Support Email’ Queue’s email address.


8. Wait for seconds…..
And here is the automatic reply email to the customer:


9. And as well…Yes, we have a new case from this customer….


10. If the Customer record has been recorded in CRM and you change the full name, then every time he/she sends the Email, she or he will get the right full name:


Hope it helps!