Online forums remain a time-tested asset in the Dynamics community. Not all of them have survived over the years, and some are better left behind. But the successful ones still offer both information and access to experts, even as they compete for attention with other outlets like social and video., also known as Dynamics User Group or DUG, is one of the longest-running forums in the Dynamics community, and the team behind it just completed a major modernization effort. They migrated the site from its old on-premises Telligent system to a DiscourseSaaS environment, bringing along over 70,000 posts covering everything from plotting, SSRS watermarks, and Business Central webhooksto coding date and timein AX and enlarging fontsin GP.

"This transition is part of a bigger platform reorganization at Dynamics User Group," said Jacob Roder, who co-owns DUG with Jon Stypula. The pair also own Microsoft partner firm Dynamic Consulting together and have been building out DUG to include DynamicsCon events, the Skill-up online learning platform, and associated web sites. In addition to Discourse, they are introducing single-sign-on across the services, which will require a bit of work from existing members to reset passwords. Roder explained:

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