Dynamic Communities, LLC, the company that owns and manages user groups for Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform applications, has pursued expansion in a range of ways since 2018. After acquiring another event company, eXtreme365, they have launched a range of new events worldwide, including in Europe and Australia, and they have ramped up their training offerings.

To execute on its growth plan, the company took on new investments from two new financial backers in 2018. In an interview, Dynamic Communities CEO Janet Lampert explained that investment, a mix of debt and equity, has been used to fund a range of initiatives. She stated:

The investment gives Dynamic Communities the opportunity and ability to accelerate execution of the priorities set by the communities. The company goals and priorities have been, and continue to be, set by the Dynamic Communities senior leadership team, based on input from the users, partners, sponsors, and Microsoft.

Our capital restructuring infused debt and equity capital into the business that would allow us to invest in our base business and meet the demands of the changing market conditions:  demand for a global community, evolution of the Microsoft Dynamics product strategy around a single suite of business applications, increase in commonality between the user and partner communities, the demand for varying modes of content delivery based on technology, and the need for our internal systems to evolve.

Dynamic Communities would not confirm the details of the funding or specific ownership changes as a result. One of the investors, CSWC, stated in SEC filingsearlier in 2019 that its investments were comprised of approximately $11 million in loans and $2 million in equity.  Lampert explained that, although largely accurate, those exact figures shift over time. She explained  Dynamic Communities' approach to taking on outside investment from CWSC and another firm, TZP Group:

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