Digital transformation has fuelled an increase in petabytes of data generated every year by enterprises. Data-driven organizations analyze big data and extract critical business insights to improve business processes, sales, service, marketing, and customer engagement. However, BI tools miss tapping the potential of one of the most powerful factors: location!

Location intelligence focuses on the powerful "where" factor of analytics. Location intelligence has always helped businesses to serve customers better by providing a platform to adapt according to consumer needs and understand their lifestyles to ensure profitability.

According to a recent research report, 53% of enterprises say that location intelligence was rated as either critically important or very importantto achieving their goals for 2020.

Who uses Location Intelligence?

Like any good BI tool, location intelligence connects siloed business data to empower businesses to see the bigger picture and analyze the ‘locational’ aspect of the business data. Industries collect and save location data and then use location intelligence to optimize their business strategies on market growth, customer engagement, asset tracking, site location, and risk mitigation, among others. With location intelligence, organizations can spend more time on analysis and less time on preparation.

By department: How is location intelligence is useful in organizations?

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