I am sharing here a problem I came across some days ago and a little trick as workaround that my colleague Joel Lindstrom pointed me out.



Working on CRM 2011, I pretended to remove the ´Quantity of Hand´ field in the Product entity as it was useless in my scenario. However, I came across with the following error message:

The field you are trying to remove is required by the system or business



This field as many others (i.e. case subject tree) seems to be system protected and hence cannot just be removed this way, neither been deleted.



Here is the trick: create a new tab in the form, set the visibility of the tab to be collapsed and not visible on the form, then move the field to that tab. :)

For instance, take a look at the following form, where I have created a tab labeled ‘Standard Fields not used’ and included all the fields that I could not remove but were useless in my scenario:



Hope this helps to save somebody else’s time.

PP [twitter: @pabloperalta]