This is the 12th blog of this series, before this I have created last blog from module 3 on the topic “Implement the Schedule Board”  which you can check here: MB2-877 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 FOR FIELD SERVICE MODULE 3 TOPIC – IMPLEMENT THE SCHEDULE BOARD

In this blog we are starting with the topic – Implement the Schedule Assistant from module 3 “Scheduling and dispatch work orders”:


  1. Apply constraints to resource queries  & Filter data
    Using scheduling assistant you can apply below constraints resource query, Scheduling assistant really helps to find the right resource for your work order by allowing you to enter filters like Duration , Radius within which you need a resource , Start and End time , Territory , Resource type etc.

    To schedule a work order using scheduling assistant, go to a work order which needs scheduling and click on “Book” from the ribbon command bar and you will be presented below. Based on your criteria you get resource > select the resource and click on book.  A resource booking will be auto created:

  2. Specify a search radius 
    You can specify/modify a default search radius for your organisation by using Resource Scheduling > Administration > Schedule Parameters


  3. Troubleshoot Schedule Assistant

    If items are not populating on the Schedule Assistant, there are few things you can try:A. Try increasing your search radius so that you get some more resources and slots.

    B. Check the work location

    C. Verify correct addressing (the addresses on various records)

    • Account
    • Work Order
    • Resource


That’s it for this, it was a really short one! I will see you in the next blog “Optimize resource scheduling”.