You have diligently planned your project, you’ve thought about your internal marketing strategy and developed a communications plan, you’ve established your KPI’s of success, now what?

If you are like most organizations you Go-Live!

You already determined in your plan you are going to do a survey or you have a set date and time to report the success of the project but did you plan for measuring on going success?

Recommendations for measuring user adoption range from 1 month post go live, to monthly to quarterly…. so what is the right metric?

According to article, The Hard Side of Change Management the more frequently a project is reviewed the more likely it is to succeed. They call for a formal review at least bi-monthly.

According to Bernie Fitterer of Inspiring Developments, in the book “Words of Wisdom” by Dr. John Gray, Sima Dahl, and Brian Tracy, there was a study done that indicates people produce more when someone is paying attention to them. Its a phenomenon called the Hawthorne Effect (which is just much more in depth that just paying attention and I find it fascinating if your up for the in depth read!) .

And my experience supports these two previous statements. The more frequently you can review, and let people know you are reviewing, the more likely you are going to be to achieve more usage and engagement.

However here is where the problem comes in. With so much on our plates, so many initiatives and lack of time, how much time do we spend monitoring and how long do we need to continue to follow up?

Here is my general rule of thumb:

User adoption is about creating a culture! It takes personal buy-in to create a culture. You only get personal buy in through trust which is built in small incremental wins that are measured and reported on. In addition, there must be 2 way communication to build trust.

So for a new implementation of CRM with no current culture, plan on monitoring and reporting usage and small wins in moving people through the change curve (i.e. someone tried it the new way and realized and admitted it wasn’t soooo bad!) bi-monthly and have a monthly open forum call to encourage 2 way communication and continue this for the first 6 months.

After 6 months move back to monthly reporting and once a quarter open forum calls.

After 1 year move back to quarterly reporting and you can typically forego the open forum calls.

These recommendations are based on an implementation that went well and a business that isn’t making major shifts in their structure or products. More often than not seismic shifts are occurring and organizations stay in the 6 month cadence well into the year plus mark. Of course you can vary this based on complexity and number of users but rule of thumb is do it more frequently and for a longer duration than you think is necessary- come up with your thoughts and then tack at least 35% more on for good measure!

Happy Changing!

Need help figuring out how to measure user adoption? Have you considered gamification? If you are interested in learning more about gamification, contact me and I will get you in contact with a great resource to help you determine if it is for your organization!