I recently made changes to the CRM Solutions manager. One of the most requested feature was the ability to import solutions from a computer directory as opposed to having a “source” organization from which the solutions had to be exported. The list of features is available below and the tool and source code are available on the CodePlex project. Enjoy!

CRM 2011 Solutions Manager features

  • Export CRM Solutions as managed and/or unmanaged from Source Organization
  • Import unmanaged and managed Solutions from source organization to target organization
  • Import unmanaged and managed Solutions from local folder (.ZIP solution files) to target organization
  • Publish all Customizations in target environment after each solution import or after all solutions are imported
  • Supported installation types
    • CRM Online (tested)
    • On Premise (tested)
    • ADFS (not tested)

Always, for background on the tool, you can always check out the article I wrote a while back that provides more details on why the tool the built in the first place.