We are excited to announce the release of the DefenseReady Daily Standup app on the Windows 8 App Store!

DefenseReady is a Dynamics CRM solution built by Permuta Technologies, Inc. that provides DoD and DHS organizations out-of-the-box mission-enabling solutions for Force Readiness, Mission Execution and Training Management.  Developed jointly by Sonoma Partners and Permuta, the Daily Standup app provides military commanders and leadership real-time insight into PERSTEMPO and strength levels throughout their organizations.  The app will be available for free to users of DefenseReady.

The app also has a built-in Demo Mode so even if you are not currently a DefenseReady customer, you can still check it out!



The Daily Standup app will default to the PERSTEMPO view.  PERSTEMPO stands for Personnel Tempo which is the amount of days a troop has been away from home.  A column will be displayed for every child unit of the selected unit as well as the individuals for the selected unit.  Four ranges of PERSTEMPO are used to visualize the breakdown of each unit and individual.  A unit column can then be selected to drill into that unit and see its child units and individuals. 



The strength view displays how many positions are needed and how many are filled.  This helps monitor if the organization is under or over staffed.  The Strength view is shown by Rank or by Skill and each one is represented by a bullet chart.  The gray background bard represents the number of positions needed while the solid blue bar indicates the number of occupied positions.  The light gray bar indicates a 25% overage range.  The value and percentage to the right of the chart show the amount of occupied positions.



The map view uses Bing Maps to display where troops are currently located as well a past and future locations.  The map will group the troops by location and display the number of troops in that location.  The Projection slider can be used to visualize troop locations in the past or future.

Follow-up List


The follow-up list can be displayed from the application bar.  The list will display any open waivers or tasks.  Waivers are used to get approval from a superior to go ahead and deploy a troop that has a high PERSTEMPO score.  Tasks can be used to flag a certain individual or a unit and take any notes which will be sent to the DefenseReady system.

I highly recommend checking out this app to see the ease of use and the power of DefenseReady.  It also displays the great potential of mobility with Dynamics CRM.  If your organization is looking to bring a powerful new app to the Windows 8 store, let Sonoma Partners help.  Contact us at info@sonomapartners.com.

For more information about DefenseReady or to schedule a demo, contact info@defenseready.com