Font Awesome is a great set of free icons that utilize font files.  It is a nice addition to any page, including custom pages hosted in Microsoft CRM.  Unfortunately, CRM only supports a handful of web resource types and font files (such as .eot or .woff) are not on the list.  Luckily though, we have an easy workaround to spoof CRM into allowing us to upload font files as well as being able to successfully reference them from our custom page.

First, simply rename the font files to add ‘.css’ to the extension.


Next, upload the font file (with the .css extension) to CRM as a CSS file type but remove the ‘.css’ from the web resource name.


Once the web resource is saved and published, we can now reference the font file that is hosted in CRM.

<style type="text/css">
        @font-face {
              src: url('../new_/fontawesome_webfont.eot');

And there you have it.  We can now utilize any font files or the sleek Font Awesome icon library from within CRM!