We just recently put the finishing touches on a pretty excellent integration between Microsoft CRM and LinkedIn! Of course you know that LinkedIn has a huge business network, and lots of businesses use LinkedIn to find and develop new relationships at customer and prospect companies. Prior to this integration, you would have to do a lot of re-typing and ALT+TAB of windows to try and work with CRM and LinkedIn at the same time. However since LinkedIn offers a programming API, we decided to mash up their database with Microsoft CRM to really save ourselves our time!

From a high level, here are the key integration points:

  • Link Microsoft CRM accounts to LinkedIn companies
  • Link Microsoft CRM contacts to LinkedIn people
  • Import your LinkedIn connections into Microsoft CRM

This YouTube video shows the integration in action!


We have not officially released this integration to the world yet, as we’re still testing and evaluating it. If you’re interested in getting the Microsoft CRM - LinkedIn integration for your company, please contact us as we’re looking for a few external beta customers to help us with the testing.