Time entries and inspections.

·        Create an inspection through a designer experience.

·        Associate an inspection with a work order.

·        Complete an inspection via a mobile experience.

·        Capture the inspection results for analysis or further action.


We can think of inspection record associated to Work Order OOB and inspection record will be mobile enabled by default

Technician time-capture precision

·        Field Service settings >frequency timestamps options to change

·        Booking status change done via mobile device or via a web browser, now the system will consider that setting via both the ways

·        Capturing appropriate details on the relevant timestamps.

·        When a time entry is created from a timestamp, ensure that the time entry holds the right level of detail depending on the org's setting.


Some enhancements that improve field service product through field service settings  

Integrated technician time tracking

·        This feature makes it simple to capture time actual s that capture costs from approved time entries, enabling organizations to drive more accurate accounting practices and profit-loss calculations

Field Service will support:

·        Automatic time capture for work orders based on booking timestamps.

·        Manual time capture.

·        Custom time capture mechanisms unique to specific business processes or needs.

Customers will not be required to install Project Service Automation simply to capture time entries within Field Service.


 capture time entries within Field Service Via OOB

Schedule Board changes

·        Drag-and-drop scheduling scenarios for individual requirements in the hourly view of the schedule board

·        performance improvement on the hourly view

Requirement dependency- predecessors and successors Tasks

a Field service resources working on the installation of new smart meter might need to pick up a unique part from the warehouse and then perform work at the customer's house site. Critical jobs that rely on a series of tasks dependent on one another can now be linked together as predecessors and successors and booked through the resource scheduling optimizer.

RSO is a must here on license assuming positively . Beware these dependencies will work only for single-resource, single-day scenarios.

Resource utilization report, territory insights

work hours Modification using Canvas power apps

Partners and customers can enable scenarios to modify resources' working hours from outside entity forms and views, like via a canvas app.

Intune-enabled Field Service Mobile app

Add and assign your Field Service Mobile app to user groups and devices, including users in specific groups, devices in specific groups, and more.

·        Configure the Field Service Mobile app to start or run with specific settings enabled and update your existing app when already on the device.

·        See reports and track app usage.


Tracking how your field service technical use their Field Service Mobile app app can be made using Intune OOB feature

Proactive Maintenance

incident type suggestion based on historic data will allow higher first-time fix rates, inventory planning, and enable proactive maintenance.

suggestion of incident type based on past cases .Example enabling corrosion inhibitor coatings to metallic surfaces. Performing inspections to look for cracks, leaks and rust spotting

New IoT alert suggestions add AI-based suggestions for the priority and incident type from the alert, based on past service history and actions. For example, many operating plant now also have fixed gas detection and monitoring systems to provide continuous real-time gas analysis for a broad range of gases and exposure levels. These systems provide local alerts and information and can even be monitored remotely by specialists. Create an automated work order assigned to an accredited test authority for calibration the sensors and alarms based on the alert data.

Alert related data and its history in timeline view

Asset Entity Management Promising handshake with Field service

Common Data Model and Common Data Service, these asset management capabilities have now been brought together to support a variety of asset-centric scenarios.

Example: Field service technician complete asset management related tasks while using Field Service app


This above mock-up screenshots should enable you to provide good information on Upcoming change related to Field service 365. This changes would be having a worthy impact on asset management, gain insights ( AI)in inspection data etc

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